New Project: Learning how to knit!

Hey y’all,

So I have started a new project today! I am going to teach myself to knit. In the past, I have never really been into knitting. My grandma tried to teach me when I was about ten, and I started a scarf. All I knew how to do was a simple knit stitch and I have spent the past 9 years or so working on this scarf which is about a foot long now. Today I gave up on that and used the yarn and needles I have to re-learn the basics.

So I took to Pinterest to find some tutorials and I found this link here to be very helpful and straight forward. Today I worked on casting on, re-learning the knit stitch, learning the purl stitch, and casting off. I think for the next few days I’m going to spend a bit of time practicing these basics before I attempt a real project. My first attempt went really well. I remembered the knit stitch and the purling was a little tricky but I think I got the hang of it. Casting off was definitely rough so I’m going to spend some time on that.

These are some photos of the progress I made today!


A few rows of plain knit stitches


Followed by a few rows of purl stitches

I’m going to post some updates of my progress and any projects I actually start! Do any of you knit? Any tips and tricks for a newbie?


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